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Various statistics representing homes sold in towns in the current year help you compare one towns characteristics versus another towns characteristics. Average home size, average sales price, average property age, average price per sq ft, and the school ranking provided by the Boston Magazine Best Schools in Boston 2015 report. Also shown is a graph comparing the price per sq ft for towns.
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Profile of Single Family Homes (2016)

Town ♦Avg Property SizeAvg Sale PriceAvg Property AgeAvg Price/Sq FtSchool Rank †Boston Commute
Acton2,542$612K44$2482545 mins (24 mi)
Andover2,860$659K58$2402631 mins (24 mi)
Arlington2,058$751K71$3783720 mins (8 mi)
Ashland2,171$456K38$2224740 mins (26 mi)
Bedford2,619$776K50$309527 mins (21 mi)
Belmont2,578$1,126K74$4544521 mins (8 mi)
Billerica1,950$397K47$2138832 mins (22 mi)
Boxborough2,851$626K45$2302548 mins (47 mi)
Brookline3,701$1,932K81$5302017 mins (4 mi)
Burlington2,225$565K46$2663921 mins (16 mi)
Cambridge2,528$1,738K103$6803111 mins (3 mi)
Carlisle3,722$972K39$265636 mins (26 mi)
Chelmsford1,960$416K57$2234639 mins (34 mi)
Concord3,342$1,161K60$357634 mins (19 mi)
Dedham1,878$509K74$2855729 mins (22 mi)
Framingham1,993$426K57$2237036 mins (23 mi)
Groton2,748$501K42$18456 mins (39 mi)
Harvard2,805$601K58$225749 mins (36 mi)
Hopedale2,043$331K58$16949 mins (39 mi)
Lexington3,410$1,213K48$378329 mins (14 mi)
Lincoln3,786$1,308K61$3531328 mins (21 mi)
Littleton2,211$495K34$2324444 mins (43 mi)
Lowell1,675$262K78$16411743 mins (30 mi)
Lynnfield2,809$708K56$2623622 mins (17 mi)
Marlborough2,004$363K57$1899841 mins (32 mi)
Maynard1,734$355K69$2138546 mins (25 mi)
Medford1,794$537K85$3128314 mins (6 mi)
Melrose1,995$573K93$3027821 mins (11 mi)
Middleton2,706$585K48$2202434 mins (22 mi)
Natick2,233$625K63$2945031 mins (23 mi)
Newton2,999$1,251K77$4271020 mins (11 mi)
N Reading2,352$571K50$2534827 mins (19 mi)
Reading2,011$545K72$2835520 mins (15 mi)
Saugus1,781$414K70$24510436 mins (11 mi)
Sherborn3,101$804K64$267135 mins (25 mi)
Somerville1,834$828K111$45610712 mins (3 mi)
Stoneham1,962$509K73$2724117 mins (11 mi)
Stow2,587$523K46$2114950 mins (30 mi)
Sudbury3,193$777K44$2551335 mins (24 mi)
Wakefield1,935$515K73$2796622 mins (15 mi)
Waltham1,874$548K63$3058423 mins (11 mi)
Watertown1,984$687K89$3606520 mins (9 mi)
Wayland2,912$836K57$299428 mins (20 mi)
Wellesley3,460$1,483K58$443826 mins (17 mi)
Westford2,368$519K45$2261939 mins (38 mi)
Weston4,907$1,888K49$388224 mins (17 mi)
Winchester3,158$1,174K69$3811517 mins (9 mi)
Woburn1,812$463K65$2688618 mins (12 mi)
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