Town Profiles

Various statistics representing homes sold in towns in the current year help you compare one towns characteristics versus another towns characteristics. Average home size, average sales price, average property age, average price per sq ft, and the school ranking provided by the Boston Magazine Best Schools in Boston 2015 report. Also shown is a graph comparing the price per sq ft for towns.

Profile of Single Family Homes (2018)

TownAvg Property SizeAvg Sale PriceAvg Property Age ♦Avg Price/Sq FtSchool Rank †Boston Commute
Littleton2,355$570K31$2483744 mins (43 mi)
Boxborough3,182$706K42$2221548 mins (47 mi)
Groton2,644$550K43$21556 mins (39 mi)
Middleton2,840$661K44$2432034 mins (22 mi)
Bedford2,557$828K44$3411727 mins (21 mi)
Carlisle3,780$1,064K45$275236 mins (26 mi)
Westford2,477$594K46$249639 mins (38 mi)
Billerica2,079$476K47$2417832 mins (22 mi)
Ashland2,026$483K48$2483540 mins (26 mi)
Sudbury3,223$808K48$2651235 mins (24 mi)
Stow2,547$564K49$2403450 mins (30 mi)
Burlington2,223$632K49$3005821 mins (16 mi)
Acton2,672$679K50$2652545 mins (24 mi)
Wellesley3,598$1,614K55$467826 mins (17 mi)
N Reading2,290$600K55$2784827 mins (19 mi)
Weston4,747$1,922K56$402324 mins (17 mi)
Lexington3,161$1,258K56$422429 mins (14 mi)
Andover3,033$755K56$2582631 mins (24 mi)
Harvard2,841$655K57$2431049 mins (36 mi)
Wayland2,873$893K57$322528 mins (20 mi)
Framingham1,974$483K58$2588136 mins (23 mi)
Lynnfield2,755$729K58$2813622 mins (17 mi)
Marlborough2,011$418K59$21710541 mins (32 mi)
Sherborn3,246$903K59$286135 mins (25 mi)
Natick2,284$691K59$3243831 mins (23 mi)
Lincoln3,898$1,325K60$3601228 mins (21 mi)
Chelmsford1,978$467K63$2494639 mins (34 mi)
Concord3,395$1,399K65$394234 mins (19 mi)
Woburn1,786$536K66$3128318 mins (12 mi)
Waltham1,972$631K67$3419523 mins (11 mi)
Hopedale1,945$339K68$18549 mins (39 mi)
Stoneham2,071$584K69$2997117 mins (11 mi)
Reading2,187$657K69$3134320 mins (15 mi)
Arlington2,118$893K72$4393720 mins (8 mi)
Saugus1,832$476K72$28010636 mins (11 mi)
Winchester3,234$1,306K73$4161417 mins (9 mi)
Maynard1,647$389K73$2479646 mins (25 mi)
Wakefield2,002$581K76$3067522 mins (15 mi)
Dedham1,883$569K77$3177029 mins (22 mi)
Newton3,151$1,417K80$465720 mins (11 mi)
Lowell1,717$311K83$19011443 mins (30 mi)
Belmont2,486$1,289K83$5282321 mins (8 mi)
Medford1,742$627K89$3768914 mins (6 mi)
Watertown1,993$745K90$3926920 mins (9 mi)
Brookline3,530$1,960K92$5791817 mins (4 mi)
Melrose2,055$684K92$3466221 mins (11 mi)
Cambridge2,419$1,936K107$7736111 mins (3 mi)
Somerville1,892$924K113$50011012 mins (3 mi)
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